Mindful Drinking

Discovering that London was hosting the UK’s first alcohol free festival opened up our eyes to the new trend taking over young people’s lives: mindful drinking.  With one fifth of under 25s in the UK being tee-total, and the population of the country as a whole drinking significantly less, mindful drinking has become all the rage.  Researchers have labelled the trend as cyclical, and a form of ‘rebellion’ that has developed from the younger generation, who don’t want to follow in their parent’s footsteps and as an alternative are drinking in moderation, or not at all.

mf festival
Via the mindful drinking festival

The concept of drinking ‘mindfully’ can appear unrealistic and unachievable to many, however, unlike face-value may suggest,  it is not about going entirely alcohol-free, nor following any specific guidelines or advice. Instead, its aim is to help people choose what they want to drink, and not what they perceive to be socially acceptable. Club Soda is the UK’s leading mindful drinking movement with the desire to do exactly this, and create a world in which nobody feels out of place if they are not drinking. Having labelled 2017 as the ‘year of mindful drinking’ their objective is to help change people’s drinking habits.

Prompted by this is the UK’s first alcohol-free festival this August, hosted by the Club Soda, in London. The reason behind the festival proves the popularity of mindful drinking, with the company organising the event due to their most common request – ideas of what to drink other than alcohol. The event will attract the huge numbers of mindful drinkers in and around London, and will comprise of alcohol-free beers and wines, along with expert mixologists and pop-up stalls.

mf festival2
Via the mindful drinking festival

We like how Club Soda help make mindful drinking a positive experience for those trying it, advertising booze free events, motivational emails, and support across their website. Having recently published the ‘Club Soda Guide’; awarding over 200 pubs and bars a score based on their range of low and non-alcoholic drinks, they enable mindful drinkers to continue to go out and have a good time, whilst drinking mindfully. With movements like Club Soda working to change people’s opinions it seems that the cultural conversation around alcohol is changing and that the mindful drinking movement will continue to be an unstoppable momentum, revolutionising the way people drink.

With this rise in demand for non-alcoholic drinks, there is a huge gap in the market and brands are going to have to change to meet this. Leading the charge is Seedlip, a brand that have developed the world’s first range of non-alcoholic spirits, solving the ‘what to drink when you’re not drinking’ dilemma. We hope that other alcohol brands will follow in their footsteps and respond positively to this new, emergent movement.


Featured image via Seedlip.

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