This Charming Brand: Jigsaw

At the minute Jigsaw is proving to be not only charming, but utterly impressive.

In recent years, the word ‘immigration’ has become a bit of a black sheep of the English language, its very mention giving rise to (often divisive) ideas about what it means to be British and to belong in the UK.

Enter Jigsaw, with their bold and brilliant campaign championing immigration as a fundamental component to the ‘Britishness’ for which the brand is known.

As Jigsaw’s staff is home to 45 different nationalities, the ‘Heart Immigration’ campaign sees the clotheswear brand embrace its cultural and ethnic diversity with full positivity and optimism.

Jigsaw 3
Credits: Jigsaw, Ben Rayner

The brand only invests in one large campaign per year, and this time around saw an opportunity to make a powerful statement: that their cultural and ethnic diversity doesn’t compromise one jot of their Britishness.

The point Jigsaw makes is simple and clear: that their brand – and by extension, Britain as a whole – wouldn’t exist were it not for the people, talent and materials available to them by grace of immigration.

Jigsaw 6.png
Credits: Jigsaw, Transport for London, Ben Rayner

In world which feels increasingly ideologically divided, it’s a brave thing for a brand to clearly stake their position on an especially polarising topic. Then again, it’s all too easy for a brand to try and please everyone, only to come up with a diluted message that in fact speaks to no one.

So with this in mind, we salute Jigsaw’s courage and the overarching sentiment of openness behind their ‘Heart Immigration’ message. By championing love and collaboration, Jigsaw has taken a touchy subject and successfully captured the hearts of the masses.

Featured image credits: Jigsaw, Transport for London.

Image photography: Ben Rayner, Bernstein & Andruilli.


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